REVIEW: Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Doesn’t.

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Spinbrush headThere’s a lot to like about the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush. For $8 you get an electric toothbrush that’s

  • battery-powered with AA batteries,
  • has a replaceable head a cap will fit on,
  • is ideal for travel,
  • isn’t “disposable” and
  • doesn’t cost $200 like a sonic toothbrush.

It’s amusing to use and does a great job cleaning back teeth with its spinning round head. Tonight I noticed two things about it. 

No part of the Spinbrush spins. It will come as no surprise to any of my friends that I spent 20 minutes scientifically testing the range of the oscillation, which happens so fast that even marking a point with a dab of toothpaste isn’t conclusive. The product website calls it Dual Action and makes no claims to actual rotation. Actual spinning might be problematic anyway. However, I do have to object to the use of the word “spin” in its title. Maybe the “spin” is in the marketing jargon, not the action of the toothbrush head.

The other thing is that the brush head looks like a demented little cartoon face. I’ve taken to having conversations with it after a few glasses of wine. When you turn it on it’s even funnier and looks very excited to see you. This more than makes up for the deceptive title. Highly recommended.

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