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Stand out. Be bold. Prove you exist. I try to do this in web design, writing, publishing, and with my frequently bad ideas. Since I spend about 85% of my time collecting information and am willing to set myself out as a human cautionary tale, I think you might enjoy the enlightening (or not) tinkertoy workings of my mind. Welcome!

Get Anything Done: Go Stand on the Dock.

Reading Time: 2 minutesYou can row in nearly any kind of crappy weather, you know. You can row in sleet, hail, snow, rain, wet sleet, icy rain… anything but wind and fog. So we had one rule: No matter what the weather, you have to show up at the boathouse, stand on the dock, stare at the weather and firmly declare (depending on the weather) that you have no intention of going out in that crap. Continue reading

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Eight Ways to Find People Like You

Reading Time: 6 minutesI may well have found the secret to getting unstuck.

Find a place to belong. Find people like you.

A young woman at Chris Guillebeau’s 1000-maniac gathering in Portland, Oregon, the World Domination Summit, discovered that after enduring geographic and social isolation, she just showed up 5000 miles away, and there was the answer to her isolation – she found “People Like Her.” In a place that says “You Belong Here.”

So. HOW do you find People Like You? I’ll jump right to the eight metaphorical hurdles: Continue reading

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Working Small: Refining Your Perfect Pocket Watercolor Travel Kit

Reading Time: 3 minutesHaving something small and portable with which to be artful can be a great thing. Aside from painting something and mailing it off to a friend, there’s something about being prepared to record the colors you see around you. Drawing skill isn’t required; just a vague affinity to paint. Everything you need is in your coat pocket because you put a little 4×6 box there last night… Continue reading

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REEELAAAX… Bradley Thompson’s instant hypnosis audios reviewed

Reading Time: 4 minutesCan store-bought hypnosis bring enlightenment, change my eye color and enlarge my favorite body parts? I put my faith and $13 on the line to find my Life’s Purpose through Instant Hypnosis. Here are the results of my experiment, with some surprising by-catch involving tinkertoys, hubs and sticks, and a freak show in Myrtle beach. Continue reading

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